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7pm at Deluge: The Ghost Behind

The Ghost Behind
Caroline Rumley | 12:06 | USA | 2018 | NA Premiere
Four Friends. Many bands. Expectations. Addiction. Loss.

Nicholas Kovats | 5:55 | Canada | 2018 | W Cdn Premiere
Gitpu is Mi’kmaq for eagle. My cousin Lorne’s spiritual connection with nature did not prepare me for his passing.

Sir Bailey
Matthew Ripplinger | 8:00 | Canada | 2018 | W Cdn Premiere
A portrait of the filmmaker’s old friend. The film’s surgical cutting and state of decay symbolizes Bailey’s suffering from bone cancer, consisting of homemade emulsion, contact printing and reticulation. Sir Bailey embarks on an existential journey through the shattering photo-chemical plane during his last day of life.

I Began Not to See
Nancy Baric | 12:00 | Canada | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
An experimental documentary about my mother’s increasing blindness and getting by in daily life. It mixes my visual imagination with hers.

Exit Strategy #2
Kym McDaniel | 5:18 | USA | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
I seek treatment for a head injury and a memory is triggered from years earlier. In resistance to my past ways of coping, I release this stored body memory. The second in a series examining how I dissociate in order to cope with emotional and physical trauma.

And You the Bell
Elisabeth Hogeman | 9:56 | USA | 2017 | Cdn Premiere
And You the Bell explores the domestic and perceptual environment of a woman attempting to maintain order. She carries out elements of a daily routine, moving back and forth between habit, memory and hallucination.

The Making and Unmaking of the Earth
Jessica Bardsley | 16:41 | USA | 2017 | Cdn Premiere
Combining archival footage of earth processes with interviews of mysterious experiences with physical and emotional pain, this film turns to the earth and its geology to make visible the often invisible events happening inside of people.

9pm at Deluge: Funambule

Dominique Rey | 7:17 | Canada | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
Funambule moves between the open expanses of the grasslands to the dark shadows of a cedar grove where a traveller and a hunter beckon us to the heart of the forest. In their dogged struggle, it is unclear who will be the victor, the self or the other? On one hand this encounter might lead to self-discovery, on the other to madness.

Kate Shults | 5:15 | USA | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
A portrait of 2017 Hurricane Irma’s anticipation and impact, from the precarious safety of inland, central Florida.

Empire Valley
Ryan Ermacora | 12:43 | Canada | 2017 | Vic Premiere
Empire Valley contemplates cinema’s ability to transmit a confluence of times through landscape—whether that time be geological, personal or political. Situated within Tsilhqot’in territory in central British Columbia, the film addresses the way in which history is both remembered and forgotten. Rather than solely contemplating the environmental, economic and social implications of this site’s history, this film is an attempt to grapple with the aesthetics imposed on the landscape by agricultural practices, erosion and the traces of colonial ideologies.

John Graham | 2:28 | Canada | 2017 | BC Premiere
A hypnotic dance of transformation in a metaphorical forest.

The Stream VIII
Hiroya Sakurai | 6:54 | Japan | 2017 | Vic Premiere
In the man-made waterways of rice paddies, the water in nature must follow artificial rules. In that way, nature is made abstract, giving rise to a new form of beauty distinct from the natural state. The Stream VIII explores the liveliness of water as it follows this man-made course. 

STEM: Sound from the Tropical
Lasse Lau | 33:18 | Denmark/Brazil/Portugal | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
“Wildness challenges the unity of the symbol, the transcendent totalization binding the image to that which it represents. Wildness pries open this unity and in its place creates slippage… Wildness is the death space of signification.” Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man: A Study in Terror and Healing, Michael Taussig (1987)
STEM: Sound from the Tropical is a film about the migration of plants. Years of neglect of the Lisbon University Botanical Garden have created a romantic environment where the garden is slowly growing wild. The film investigates the displacement in migration and morphology of plants: a lush and sumptuous look at the post-colonial environmental ramifications of transfer into the making of a new subjectivity.

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