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7pm at Deluge: On the Line

Les petits outils [The little tools]
Emmanuel Piton | 10:54 | France | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
A foundry, a morning when nothing is started. Les petits outils melds the imaginary story of a woman, a coremaker and a world in decay. 

Service Industry
Annette Daniels Taylor | 5:43 | USA | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
An cinematic poem exploring a Black American story of labour, migration, and the entertainment service industry during the post WW2 era.

Derek Jenkins | 11:49 | Canada | 2019 | NA Premiere
Livestock is a documentary study of one stage in the production of motion picture film. Most of the animals at the Warren Livestock Auction will be sold for industrial meat production. Their bodies will be slaughtered and processed, their bones prepared for rendering into gelatine that might one day suspend silver halide on a strip of acetate.

On the Line
Tina Takemoto | 6:43 | USA | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
Inspired by prewar cannery workers in San Diego, On the Line offers a queer meditation on the Japanese-American women who cleaned the tuna, worked the assembly line and found same-sex intimacy amid sake and fish guts while the men were off to sea.

The Blessed Assurance
Isabelle Carbonell | 21:32 | USA | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
Every winter off the Georgia coast, fishermen reel in jellyfish from the same waters where shrimp once flourished. The Blessed Assurance is a sensorial documentary experience, a meditation on livelihood exploring both man and jellyfish in the otherworldly ecosystem found on an American trawl boat. Visceral images and sounds immerse us in a primordial world, decentring the human and even going inside a jellyfish.

9pm at Deluge: Labour/Leisure

Molly Pattison, Andrew Wood | 12:00 | USA | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
Shoot-the-Chutes delves into the pleasures, architecture and labour of an archetypal American theme park. The film flits between fantasy, straight documentation and reconstructed events.

The Five Finger Splash
Robert Hamilton | 8:47 | Canada | 2019 | NA Premiere
The viewer is taken into a slow-motion tableau of a recreational dive competition on a luxury cruise ship sailing in the Gulf of Mexico. Capturing meticulous detail of every spectating body, the film is a mesmerizing and absurd portrait of leisure, privilege and human progress.

Morning, Noon, Night; Water, Land and Sky
Mark Street | 17:23 | USA | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
Archival footage of a scuba exploration of a sunken ship gives way to scenes that explore the working rhythms of the current Brooklyn Navy Yard as well as conjuring and imagining ghosts of past technologies and characters. The film summons both the immediacy of the here and now and the persistence of history: a moving palimpsest that forces fragments of the past to mingle with the sights and sounds of the present unfolding. Viewers dive under the surface of water, watch earth being moved, see wisps of smoke in the sky. Hand processed 16mm film, stills, found footage and digital video are collaged and mixed to create a shimmering document of physical work. People, machines, boats, ropes and birds share a workspace surrounded by water.

How to Breathe in Kern County
Chris Filippone | 8:48 | USA | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
As the work day grinds to a halt, a gathering of street racers makes way for the backroads of Bakersfield to find catharsis.

Ryan Ermacora, Jessica Johnson | 19:00 | Canada | 2019 | Vic Premiere
A place of rest, a place of leisure, the valley of Okanagan in southwest Canada welcomes tourists and their appetite for holiday-making. Moving from a wide-angle shot of an impeccable golf course to another showing a lavish villa overlooking plantations, the film switches focus to visit and shed light on a more bitter reality. Beneath the bourgeois serenity of the villas, in the fields, an immigrant population from the global South is at work. The camera moves closer and reveals the flip side of the picture, starkly observing a well-established system in which the thankless tasks are always given to those welcomed in the shadows. The farm workers, used to moving around, are at work behind the sorting lines, picking, scanning, keeping busy. What is being repeated is not simply their gestures but the pattern of a whole world. Structural racism holds firm. The gesture is clear: Labour/Leisure, the grating resonance lingers as an echo. The frontier between the two notions will not disappear. This territory is not the same for all. It offers a broad and sumptuous framing to some, and a tighter and more oppressive one to others. From the villa overlooking the plantations, privileges are constantly expanding.

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