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7pm at Deluge: Edge of Alchemy

An Empty Threat
Josh Lewis | 7:40 | USA | 2017 | Cdn Premiere
A sequence of truces. A personality test offering mostly slippage.

Alexandre Roy | 3:41 | Canada | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
Once upon a cross.

Sabine Gruffat | 10:14 | USA | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
Framelines is a scratch film made by laser etching abstract patterns on the film emulsion of negative and positive 35mm film. The strips of film were then re-photographed on top of each other as photograms and contact printed. The soundtrack filters and layers the noise made by the laser etched optical track.

Kat Morris | 2:56 | Canada | 2018 | World Premiere
Have you ever known what it’s like to have a worm living inside you? This film is about my father, who could be found here, but not really. Like me, he hides in worlds unlike this and sleeps on prickled forest floors, numb to it by now. No matter how hard I tried to reach him he slipped away, melted into the same film that covered his eyes, tugged at his ankles, and called him away from us. I hear it too sometimes. 

BOOKANIMA: Martial Arts
Shon Kim | 12:53 | Republic of Korea | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
“BOOKANIMA,” a compound word of “Book” and “Anima,” is a project to give books new cinematic life. Ultimately, this work aims to create a “watching book” at a point between book and cinema. Along the way it experiments with found frame, key point, locomotive overlap, random crop and zoom, off-screen and most of all, locomotion based on chronophotography paying homage to Edward Muybridge and Entienne Jules-Marey. The project consists of four chapters: Martial Arts, Dance, Ball Games, Leports.

Painting with the Man
Freya Björg Olafson | 3:37 | Canada | 2017 | BC Premiere
Painting with the Man was developed through the use of a camera-less motion capture suit worn by the filmmaker. The work references Yves Klein’s Anthropométries 1960 series wherein Klein engaged nude women as “human paint brushes.” Dressed in bow-tie and suit, Klein would conduct the women as they covered themselves in paint (in his patented colour “International Klein Blue”) and made imprints of their bodies on canvas. In Painting with the Man Olafson uses a digital readymade generic male 3D body to imprint the canvas/screen.

Edge of Alchemy
Stacey Steers | 17:15 | USA | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
In Edge of Alchemy the silent-era actors Mary Pickford and Janet Gaynor are seamlessly appropriated from their early films of the 1920s and cast into a surreal epic with an upending of the Frankenstein story and an undercurrent of hive collapse. Composed of over 6,000 handmade collages, Edge of Alchemy is the third in a trilogy looking at the psychological terrain of women’s inner worlds. Music and sound design by Lech Jankowski (Brothers Quay).

9pm at Deluge: Phosphene

Expanded Cinema Performance: Alex MacKenzie

40:00 | Canada | 2018 | World Premiere

Phosphene is Alex MacKenzie’s latest expanded work, a suite in four movements performed with two 16mm projectors.

Created with a series of film loops rendered individually with sprayed paint, scraped and abraded softened black emulsion, pin and hole punctures, india ink craquelure and meticulous frame by frame application, MacKenzie masterfully manipulates the image, introducing carefully orchestrated lens interference with colour gels, frame-edge masking, vignetting and glass objects. Inducing a variation on closed-eye vision and non-light hallucination, Phosphene is a subtly immersive and sublime sculpting of light.

With excerpts recently presented as a part of Peggy Lee’s Echo Painting album launch earlier this year in Vancouver and at the Encuentro Artist Film Labs meeting in Mexico City in September, this evening’s performance will be the world premiere of the full work.

Alex MacKenzie is a Vancouver-based media artist working primarily with 16mm analog film equipment and hand processed imagery. He creates works of expanded cinema, light projection installation and projector performance as well as single channel works. His work has screened at festivals, galleries and underground cinemas internationally.

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