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7pm at Deluge: Fallout Dogs

Animal Condensed >> Animal Expanded #2
Jennet Thomas | 14:06 | UK | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
Two characters speak urgently to the camera about their strange relationship with an intelligent substance they call "Animal Expanded." Intercut with glimpses of their world, a picture builds of an accelerated future where "real" animals may no longer exist—their spirits abstracted into a virus that causes humans to lose control to an artificially-intelligent world. A charged skirmish between conformity and dissent is enacted as a quasi-documentary that quickly escalates into exceedingly strange domes

Frédéric Moffet | 9:09 | Canada/USA | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
An allegory recycling images from the past, still relevant to the present moment. "Horses are lucky, they're stuck with the war same as us, but nobody expects them to be in favour of it, to pretend to believe in it." - Journey to the End of the Night, Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Staying With the Trouble
Alyona Larionova | 14:05 | UK/Kazakhstan | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
Staying With the Trouble is a hybrid documentary that follows a Kazakh berkutchi (eagle-hunter) on a journey to tame his wild eagle, Sadak. The film draws upon the unique bond between hunter and eagle to provide a meditation on power relations in a world dealing with security crises and accelerating hyper-connectivity. Oscillating between states of control and submission, the berkutchi, Sadak, a judoist and a border control officer offer viewers their own bodily interpretations of the constantly shifting scales of power.

Passerine in Time
Laurids Andersen Sonne | 7:53 | Denmark | 2018 | Cdn Premiere
A study of the gestural encounter between the hand of man and the entrapment of birds in it. The film investigates the haptic encounters between man and bird, where the hand becomes an embodiment of man’s desire for knowledge through methodical labour as it repeatedly captures, inspects, measures, bands and logs migratory birds before their release. Passerine in Time exists in a space where two creatures and two distinct worlds collide, where birds are trapped by virtual objects in space on a journey of desire towards their nesting grounds: a journey guided by compasses and perceptions beyond our comprehension.

Fallout Dogs
Julia Oldham | 20:00 | Ukraine/USA | 2019 | Cdn Premiere
A cinematic portrait of Chernobyl guided by movements and activities of the stray dogs that live in the exclusion zone and people who take care of them. The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster began on April 26, 1986, with an explosion in Reactor 4 of the power plant. Over 100,000 residents were evacuated on buses and told to leave everything behind. During the ensuing cleanup effort, many abandoned pets were shot to prevent contamination. Some survived by making their way to the power plant, where workers and self-settlers have been caring for them and their descendants ever since.

9pm at Deluge: A Sense of Place

Foreclosed Home Movie
Lisa Danker | 8:00 | USA | 2018 | W Cdn Premiere
A memoir of losing a home in Miami in 1930 becomes the sister tale to a foreclosure in 2013. Unable to accept the loss of her foreclosed home, the filmmaker’s mother recounts its rooms and features. Photographs and abstractly animated details of the house and its furniture—printed from linoleum blocks directly onto 16mm film—alternate with the earlier memoir, echoing the cyclical nature both of economic booms (and busts) and trauma.

Pigeons & Architecture
Anne Linke | 10:52 | Germany | 2019 | NA Premiere
As feathered architects, pigeons navigate the city as well as the architecture that is built against them. Meanwhile, a woman is their accomplice.

A Sense of Place
Nan Wang | 8:00 | Netherlands | 2019 | NA Premiere
A Sense of Place is composed of images of transparent adhesive tape. The traces, marks and imprints left on the tape were scanned and animated into a noisy moving image, overlaying slow-motion footage from the platform of a train station. A mundane moment of time stretched into a poetic space where passenger’s figures and movements are revealed below the traces of the insignificant sticky tape. Music by Michel Banabila.

Des lignes pour colorier l’intérieur [Lines to colour within]
Matthew Wolkow | 6:50 | Canada | 2019 | World Premiere
EXT. DAY. MONTREAL. / On the outskirts of the metropolitan highway, a Mediterranean fig tree stands. / Said Ficus carica is the work of a 60-year-old Montrealer of Argentine origin. / The miracle of a backyard where three regions of the world meet. / The story of an observation.

Lyoudmila Milanova, Steffi Lindner | 17:56 | Germany | 2018 | NA Premiere
AGENS deals with the nature of ephemeral substances and their immanent processes, contrasting the materiality of fleetingness and the human need for control and clarity of forms. In the film, clouds and fog come and go, but only featured in interiors. Everyday scenes of the ephemeral—smoke from a cigarette, steam from a kettle or a dishwasher—gradually turn into peculiar cloud and fog phenomena. While becoming denser and more surreal, familiar vapours get increasingly detached from their conformed functionality. When their fleeting materiality meets the solid and clear structure of the architecture, it seems as though these textures slowly merge into each other. The inner driving force of the ongoing processes inherent in ephemeral substances becomes a mysterious protagonist.

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