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7pm at Deluge: Show or Tell

Cleaning the Glass
Brett Kashmere | 11:04 | Canada/USA | 2016 | W Cdn Premiere
Exploding the cine-essay into a desktop documentary, Cleaning the Glass (a postscript to Kashmere’s From Deep) considers how the relationship between sports, politics, race and media has changed over the past half-decade. Colin Kaepernick’s silent protest of police violence prior to an August 2016 NFL exhibition game between the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers—registered through his refusal to stand for the playing of the national anthem—sparked a torrent of media attention, debate, criticism, pushback, emulation and adaptation that continues to ripple throughout the current NFL season, the larger football community, and the sports world beyond.

news from the future
Christopher Healey | 3:00 | Canada | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
Concerned with the idea of anthropocene as not only a physical environmental manifestation but a psychosomatic post-reality, this work is framed as a news transmission from the future with an ambiguous message. Is this a communication from a Dystopian or Utopian future? Or is it fake news from the present—or maybe a malfunction? Warning: strobe effects.

Show or Tell
Anna Swanson | 14:00 | USA | 2016 | World Premiere
A body image is a concept of one’s own physical appearance. A body image can also be a representation of a body. If a negative body image is a personal problem of perception—of failing to see the truth of one’s own body—what are we to make of the mediated landscape of body images that populate both our minds and our screens? This film stretches out the tensions between the various images we create of ourselves, and how we feel about them. Made in collaboration with Sergio Flores.

Stephen Shore’s Diabetic Breakfast
Christopher Johnstone & Maxime St. Jean | 8:55 | Canada | 2017 | World Premiere
A satirical and ironic look at art, and specifically photography in the form of theatrical sketches. A commentary on and acknowledgement of what is popular, discussed and studied in the realm of contemporary photography.

Todd Is a Window Washer
Clark Nikolai | 10:00 | Canada | 2016 | Vic Premiere
Todd washes windows on very tall buildings. He describes the procedure and talks about his background as a sailor and climbing trees as a kid.

Hair Cut Man, Hair Cut Woman
Jason Britski | 9:00 | Canada/Thailand | 2017 | Cdn Premiere
Hair Cut Man, Hair Cut Woman is an experimental video shot over the course of nine years in Thailand. It is a look through the eyes of a tourist at Thai mannequins specifically, and the many idiosyncratic nuances found in this distant land.

The Last Cowboy
Terryll Loffler | 17:15 | Canada | 2016
The Last Cowboy is a visual document captured on highways through the windshield of an 18-wheeled big rig. Like a Western, landscapes and their inhabitants are metaphors for social conditions and identity. Heroes are born but fade into the fog of the past. Nostalgia and personal reflections are laid bare in tribute.

9pm at Deluge: Ambrosia

Karen Zolo | 3:24 | Canada | 2016 | Vic Premiere
An ode to all the artists we know.

Peterlee, a place for industry
Andrew Wood | 6:31 | USA | 2016 | Cdn Premiere
A reflection upon the New Town of Peterlee in North East England. A planned urban zone and esoteric microcosm, with strange customs, allegiances and rivalries. From this milieu emerge the universal concerns of post-war housing, decline of industry, troublesome politics, austerity and the compounded effects these have upon residents.

The Fawn
Jennida Chase & Hassan Pitts | 8:15 | USA | 2017 | W Cdn Premiere
The Fawn gets separated from her parents while searching for clean water. She encounters deforestation which drives her further into the forest where she meets all manner of creatures before discovering the heart of the forest where there is clean water. The film uses common technology and free mobile applications to weave a fantastical hero’s journey as she traverses modern ecological crises.

Light as a feather
Amber Christensen | 2:35 | Canada | 2017 | World Premiere
Nostalgic summer camp/sleepover rituals are revisited in an attempt to conjure an adolescent spirit.

Kim Kardashian is Dead
Jaco van der Merwe | 10:49 | South Africa | 2017 | NA Premiere
A film about loss, fighting fish and trees moving in the wind, that has taken 33 years to make.

Janelle VanderKelen | 4:05 | USA | 2017 | World Premiere
Inspired by transformations in Ovid’s Metamorphosis that linger as explanations for why and how the world is, this piece transposes the notion of transition and transmutation across imagery of hybrid statues and a cleansing of hands with honey—the rejuvenating food of the gods that purportedly grants eternal life.

Duwamish Song
Steve Demas | 6:00 | USA | 2016 | Cdn Premiere
River shots and found footage embedded in dirty, layered and hand-painted film, with music by Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand.

The Sacred Mushroom Edition [for Kenneth Anger, by way of Kuchar]
Ryan Betschart | 4:06 | USA | 2016 | BC Premiere
An ode to Kenneth Anger’s 1978 film Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome (aka The Sacred Mushroom Edition) and its peculiar use of Electric Light Orchestra’s album El Dorado over images of a ritual orgy between gods, The Sacred Mushroom Edition (2016) finds two fallen angels arguing over ELO, lead singer Jeff Lynne’s affiliated supergroup The Traveling Wilburys and his connection to the dark side.

Sara Gold | 3:51 | Canada | 2015 | Vic Premiere
We find our subject preparing a tea of opium poppies which shows itself to be the coal tar resin mastic. She pours and drinks the tea, only to find herself moments later in grass surrounded by hallucinatory visions of lush green forest. Mastic deploys symbolism to reference the industrial revolution, addiction, resource abuse and the failed war on drugs.

Aleksander Johan Andreassen | 19:00 | Norway | 2017 | Cdn Premiere
In Strim we join Sigrid in search of her missing cat Liv. During this search her inner monologue turns outwards in both movement and action. She collides and progresses from her meetings with the society that surrounds her. Will she ever find her cat?

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