2019 Program Guide

Daily schedule below or download the complete Program Guide as a pdf file [8MB].

Media Installations
Installations at Deluge Contemporary Art, Legacy Art Gallery, Empty Gallery, Ministry of Casual Living Window Gallery, Victoria Arts Council and VAC Satellite Galleries

Wednesday | October 16
7pm at Deluge: Algo-Rhythm [screening]
9pm at Deluge: A Most Dangerous Game [screening]

Thursday | October 17
7pm at Deluge: On the Line [screening]
9pm at Deluge: Labour/Leisure [screening]

Friday | October 18
3pm at Deluge: Media Salon
7pm at Deluge: Goodbye Fantasy [screening]
9pm at Deluge: You Were an Amazement [screening]

Saturday | October 19
3pm at Deluge: Remixing Latinx Cinema & Storytelling for the Indigenous Post-Apocalypse, Rob Fatal & Bianca Oblivion [artists talk]
7pm at Deluge: Magic Explained [screening]
9pm at Deluge: TechnoTihuacan, Rob Fatal & Bianca Oblivion [performance]

Sunday | October 20
7pm at Deluge: When It Is Still [screening]
9pm at Deluge: Doppelgänger [screening]

Monday | October 21
7pm at Deluge: Everyday Star [screening]
9pm at Deluge: Fragile Dream [screening]

Tuesday | October 22
7pm at Deluge: Fallout Dogs [screening]
9pm at Deluge: A Sense of Place [screening]

Wednesday | October 23
7pm at Deluge: The Floating World [screening]
9pm at Deluge: The Shouting Flower [screening]

Thursday | October 24
6pm at Deluge: Distracted Blueberry [screening]

Friday | October 25
3pm at Deluge: Media Salon
7pm at Deluge: Under the Underground [screening]
9pm at Deluge: Le vent sur ton visage doré n’atteindra pas le sommet de ta noirceur, Guillaume Vallée & Hazy Montagne Mystique [performance]

Saturday | October 26
7pm at Deluge: To Forget [screening]
9pm at Deluge: Autopoiesis [screening]


October 16 to 26, 2019
[see schedule for screening times]


Deluge Contemporary Art, 636 Yates St
Screenings/Performances/Media Salons
The Camel Race, Carousel, Rollerbabies (of Paradise) [media installations]

Legacy Art Gallery, 630 Yates St
Pwdr Ser: the Rot of Stars [media installation]

Empty Gallery, 833 Fisgard St
AGENS [media installation]

Ministry of Casual Living,
Odeon Alley, 764 Yates St
There Were Four of Us [media installation]

Victoria Arts Council Gallery, 1800 Store St
Acoustic Turbulence [media installation]
The Five Finger Splash [media installation]

Greater Victoria Public Library, VAC Satellite Gallery, Central Branch, 735 Broughton St
bearing [media installation]

Greater Victoria Public Library, VAC Satellite Gallery

James Bay Branch, 385 Menzies St
The Mulch Spider's Dream [media installation]


[$5–$8 suggested]

Doors open 30 minutes prior

Media Installations/Salons: FREE

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